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Hello Gentleman! 
Let me introduce myself

Originally from the Caribbean, I’m a Refined French Lady in my twenties. Well educated, I’m currently finishing a master degree at University of Montreal. Classy, well-mannered, outgoing, great communicator and straightforward, I speak four languages. I am as versatile as I am adventurous. I am also a foodie who loves to visit both upscale and low-key restaurants. 

My life took a turn 3 years ago when I lost my dad who was my rock. Facing a life-changing experience, I had to start providing for myself financially. Devoted to stay committed to my goals, I do my best to maintain balance between social life, work and my studies. As a great student and hard-worker, I carry myself in a way that leaves no uncertainties as to where I want to go and how I plan to get there. Having said that, I joined the world of companionship with the mindset of: QUALITY OVER QUANTITY. 

Your time with me should be a retreat. So, I structure my experiences exclusively around relationship building. I invest myself totally in each person I meet because I want to be someone that you look forward to spending time with every so often… So, I decide to meet with a select handful of gentlemen with whom I can build an emotional and physical connection.

Often described as one of a kind vibrant girl who creates Interesting Unique Experiences, I’ve been told that I’ve been gifted with an attractive figure, flirtatious smile and delightful lips made to be kissed.


If you find yourself interested in spending time with me, do not hesitate to reach out so we can plan a date. It will be my absolute pleasure to help you escape the list of demands life throws at you.  

Gabrielle de Montebello

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Without a doubt Gabrielle is best kept secret and true perfection, absolutely stunning looks, cute laugh, great conversation, athletic body with best gfe you could possibly hope for. If you're fortunate enough to see her when she's around then your dream came true

- RichTigerHoods -